Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Summer's Must Have: The Faux Bra!

          Summertime means showing more skin and more ways we need to figure out the ol' bra situation.

          Got a super scoop neck top or tank with extra wide arm holes?? What about a super sheer top?

The Coobie adds that extra support and coverage you need to sport
your summer skin baring styles the classy way!

Coobie Strapless Bandeau in Black
      This top is also a must have addition to the strapless bra!  It smooths out the wires and bumps that come through on your strapless bra.
 Don’t be fooled by “other” tubes that have no pad, no shelf, no support & no shape!

Coobie: Lace V-Neck No Wire Bra with Removable Pads
What about that strapless dress that cuts just a little too low?  This bra has a faux cami look with the support of a bra! Coobie bras are ultra-comfy and can even be worn in place of a camisole or tank under your favorite top. One size fits almost everyone! So now you can convert that summer dress into a work dress!

I can personally atest to this babies and trust me... you WILL use this and need this for summer! Especially if you wear strapless bras and can't afford to go braless!

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  1. Does it work for bigguns? 10 months post babe and I'm still rockin a D cup. Wish I had my smaller boobs back.