Monday, June 6, 2011

First Friday: On the loose with Louise and Mary

If pictures tell a thousand words than these ulta low quality Blackberry photos should speak volumes, so we won't bore you with the details.  Louise and Mary of team Clothes Hound set off on a Friday evening adventure on Glenwood South for First Friday. 

We started at Gypsy Jule a fab little boutique on West Street.  We loved the bohemian and eclectic vibe these ladies adorned the store with.  The warmth and friendliness oozed out the front door before you even arrived.  It was Mediterrean Night; complete with an appropriate spread of Greek appetizers, wine and strawberries.
Gypsy Jule Downtown Boutique

Great turn our for Mediterean Night!
They also had a henna tattoo artist and a couple ladies who weaved feathers into hair.  Louise partook in the hair feathery and Mary partook in the wine.  
Feathering In!

So natural! Louise was proud of herself for doing something "Edgy"
One of our Friends Kristen from The Stylista File making a purchase!

Follow the rest of the night here!

Stumbled upon RUNWAY boutique which used to be in 5 points

Louise tries on dresses, Mary finds $287.00 shoes

Bargin of the Night! Louise gets a great deal on a dress for an engagement party!

Great New little Wine Shop on Glenwood!

Ah yes... A girl can dream!

Finally! We find Art at Local Color Gallery!

This Gallery is filled with Independent Workshops and Artists

Super cool find: Dress Consignment Shop!

Local Jewelry by "Lucky Accessories"

Local NC pottery!

Blues Music! Art is also Music!

Time for a Pit Stop and taco pick me up!

At this point in the evening Mary had the bartender concoct an amazing mango vodka slushie and we then continued our journey off to Brooklyn Heights for a night cap.  Great First Friday on Glenwood South Complete!

Don't miss out on the fun next time!

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