Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bring in 3 Canned Goods and get $10 off your $50 purchase!

            Clothes Hound responds to the community needs because it is our local community who supports us!

There is a HUGE shortage of food at the Food Banks right now and many people are going without.

We want to help! and we know you all want to help too.

So from now until Sunday,October 2nd

We will be holding a food drive at the store!

Stop by and drop off whatever you can donate. 

Things you can donate

*Canned Meals: Stews, soups, tuna, ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti
and meatballs, beefaroni, peanut butter, etc.

*Grains: Cereal, rice, pasta, dried beans

*Fruits: Fruit/fruit cups, dried fruit (raisins, plums, cranberries),
applesauce, 100% juice and juice boxes

*Canned Vegetables

* Kid-friendly items: Fat-free, sugar free pudding cups, granola
bars, popcorn, graham and/or animal crackers

* Baby Products: Diapers, wipes, formula, infant cereal

*Hygiene Items: Feminine products, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes,
soap, shaving items, etc.

*Paper Products: Toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.

To reward your generousity we will give you

$10 off any purchase of $50 or more
When you bring in 3 cans or more!

So stop by the store this week and assist your community while amping up your fall wardrobe!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Line up: Fall stripes lead the way!

       Stripes.... have made a HUGE statement in 2011. Transitioning from a strong nautical stripe theme during spring and moving into a myriad of patterns (think Missoni buzz that shut down Targets website!) for fall. 

We refuse to ignore this emerging trend by
 bringing you oodles of choices in flattering stripes for every shape. 

      A common misconception with stripes is that they make you wider and bigger than you really are.  However with the right fabrics and silhouettes stripes can actually help to smooth and slim your shape!

                                                                  Glam Striped Cardigan

                                           So fear not the STRIPE Ladies!
                          Get in line with fashion and sport your stripes proud!
               Mix and match with solids and patterns, but Don't go too far....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday: Tristan Clopet

A new artist we are digging is Tristan Clopet!  Here's one his orginal songs "Concrete Dreams"

Let us know what you think!  Tristan is good friend of ours so we are honored to share his music!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Featured on Dogeared necklaces!

As usual Clothes Hound keeps an "ear" to the ground for upcoming celebrity trends from icons like Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. Here's the cutest brand of simple dainty necklaces out of California, called dogeared. LC herself recently featured this necklace on her friday favorites blog.

We actually had these in the store before LC, but it's ok if she takes some style cues from Clothes Hound once in awhile ;) Plus we couldn't resist the name!

We currently have the pearl necklaces for purchase online and instore.  We will also be ordering more of these adorable bows AND get this...Sorority charms!  Too fun! What a great idea for your lil or big sis!

So stay tuned for an annoucement of these feminine jewelry statements that are everyday pieces that you don't ever have to take off! 

Let us know if you want us to order more of the bows or specific sorority charms for you!
Call Bryce at the store 919-747-9000
or email:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fabric Shopping with Sandy Chen!

Clothes Hound sets itself apart by working with local student designers.  We want to give our customers something they can't get anywhere else and also give young emerging talent a chance to start their design careers.

We have a new designer to debut! Her name is Sandy Chen!  Sandy is a senior in the NCSU textile design program and also works part time as a seamtress at Priscillas of Boston in Cameron Village.  While Sandy has entered many design competitions she recently won Couture for a Cause last year and is gearing up for Charleston Fashion Week!

We knew we had to snatch this talent up quick!

So last night we followed Sandy to JoAnn's Fabrics and helped pinpoint some fabrics she will be using to create some dresses for Clothes Hound!

But first we need your help!  We want YOU to be involved in the design process and help us choose what designs you like best and also what fabrics you love and could see your self wearing!

Go to Facebook and Vote on the Albums : Pick your Design and Pick your Fabric

"Like" the design sketches and fabrics you love and help us choose which ones we should get!

Here is a sample of the sketches you can choose from:

Here is a sneak peak of some of the fun fabrics you can choose from:

So tell us! What is your favorite sketch and fabric?

You could help us design the next Clothes Hound Sandy Chen original!