Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come see us: St. Catherine's Daisy Days-Richmond VA

         Calling all Richmond Ladies!  Come visit our booth at the Daisy Days at St Catherine's School Starting Thursday 4/28/11- Saturday 4/30/11.  Our lovely Clotheshound representative Louise will be there to help you with all your styling and fashion needs!

Owner, Bryce and Louise at a Clotheshound show!

Daisy Days festivities include games and rides, a shopping extravaganza of over 60 boutiques, a Garden Shop and much, much more!

Schedule of events:

Thursday, 7pm - 9pm Girls Night Out (Kenny Center)

Friday, 10am - 3pm Garden Shop (Green)

11 am - 5 pm Vendor Market Place open (Kenny Center)

Saturday,10am - 3pm Garden Shop, Vendor Market Place & Daisy Days Carnival open (Green & Kenny Center)

Below are some pictures from Daisy Days 2010

Looks like a lot of shopping fun!
Be sure not to miss out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kim Kardashian's 7 Must haves (and where to get them)!

We recently came across an article on the 7 must haves from Kim Kardashian's closet. We are a big fan of Kim's style and wanted to share this with our Clotheshound loves. 

However we took it one step futher. We want to show YOU where you can buy these 7 items and actually afford them.  Cause let's face it, not all of us have Kim's budget!

Kim in a Jumper Pant Suit

Affordable Version:  Forever 21

Kim in a Trench

Affordable Version: C Luce

Kim in a Black Blazer

Affordable Version : Gentle Fawn Luxe Jacket

Kim in Black Leggings

Affordable Version: 39 SixtyOne Ribbed Legging

Kim in high waisted trouser jeans
Affordable Version: Trouser Jeans

Kim in a wide brown Belt

Affordable Version: V Fish Twist Belt

Kim in super high heels

Affordable Version: Qupid

Monday, April 25, 2011

Clotheshound to Carry Paper Crown!

Clotheshound will be the VERY FIRST retailer in
Raleigh, NC to carry Lauren Conrad's new clothing line Paper Crown!
We are obviously super honored and excited
to have her line among our assortment. 
We will have quite a few pieces from her line up
on the website very soon! So stay tuned!

Meaning behind the name:

"When I was little I used to go to my grandmother's and we would always play dress-up; but when I would go there, I wouldn't have my dress-up trunk with me, so we'd make these paper crowns. That was our way of creating our own glamour—and that's what we wanted the line to be like." -LC


On Her Inspiration For The Line: “When I was designing [the collection] I wanted to do pieces that could be worn lots of different ways—I think it’s nice to invest in pieces you can wear throughout a few seasons. It’s modern but not overly trendy. I wanted an overall romance feel to the line, balanced out with a couple tailored pieces for a slight menswear feel and the leather pieces to balance out the chiffons.” -LC

Music Monday: Sia "Breathe Me"

A little somber song for Music Monday in the aftermath of all those affected by the storm in NC!  Our prayers and thoughts to all those who lost their homes, businesses or lives.... Our deepest sympathies!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Day: Celebrate the Clotheshound Way!

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

Kate Middleton is an international style icon for her
 classy and effortlessly chic outfits

The wedding dress by Sara Burton at Alexander Mcqueen!
Let's take a quick tour of some of Kate's famous looks and of course we have some key items from our shop to help you look just like Kate or her "Royal Highness" as we should now call her!

The Navy Dress at the Royal Engagement
Bobi V Neck Dress
Black and white cocktail dress with a fitted black blazer

Gentle Fawn Luxe Jacket

Grey Cardigan and Slim cut white jeans

TCEC Buttoned Dolman Cardigan
(pssstt.  We will be having some very affordable white skinny jeans just like those on kate in our shop soon!)

CONGRATS to the new Royal Couple

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Through with Flying Colors!

Loads of inspriation from our blogger lady friends with the

 "Bloggers Do it Better" phenomenon

 In case you are wondering what in tar-nation we're talking about... Check out blogger Pretty Shiny Sparkly's new idea! It's called "Bloggers do it better"! .

Basically this smart lil' lady came up with an innovative idea to assign a sort of fashion assignment and fashion bloggers can respond with their own version of the theme/assignment. 

Bloggers Do It Better

            Here's the first and latest assignment "Color-blocking" 

Gah! there are so many stylish ladies!
 Here is a few of our faves!!

The girl who started it all....

Taste and Style File

Amber's Notebook

Our personal Favorite: Sweet Caroline in the City
And of course WE didn't want to be left out! So here is a few of our color block faves from our shop!

V Fish Labelle Dress

Roberta Oaks Georgie Dress

V Fish Kenda Dress

Grocery Getters in Gray!

   Check out how these celebs still manage to look effortlessly chic just by throwing on a gray sweater and jeans, even when going to pick up some groceries!  You never know when the paparazzi will be out! Or when that cute boy may be eyeing you in the self check out line!

Ashley Greene

Charlize Theron

Rachel Bilson
       So take heed from these celebs! Never leave home looking a mess! Opt for our V Fish McQueen Sweater instead of your Dad's old college sweatshirt- You never know who may be

Monday, April 18, 2011

Proud Sponsor of the SPCA walk!

Clotheshound was a very proud sponsor of the SPCA K9-3K walk for no kill this past Saturday in Downtown Raleigh!

Our very stylish mascot Gucci sported a green bandana with the rest of her crew the "Ruff-Ryders"

We were able to walk the 3 miles before the big storm and participate in a great cause which saves animals in Wake county and beyond!
Double Dose of water for this team of "Ruff Ryders"
 Pre- bandana!

 Suited up!

 Our foster-"Goose"

 Team mate "Charlie"

"Charlie" and "Sophie"

The Whole Gang!

 At the starting line!

 And we're off!

Notice how Gucci has to get in this picture too! She's such a Ham!

 Fellow Dog walkers

Phew! All Done! A successful walk completed

Still playing!!

All in all the K9-3K was Huge Success!

We at Clotheshound are proud to sponsor all hounds great and small!