Monday, June 27, 2011

Sponsor Shout Out: Joint Venture Jewelry

 a big THANK YOU to

for a contributing a wonderful coupon and nail file for our goodie bags!

Our concept is unique. We strive to give jewelry owners an opportunity to sell items they no longer want or need at the highest possible price. At the same time, we offer jewelry buyers tremendous value because most of our pieces are pre-owned.

Products While we specialize in vintage estate jewelry, we also have a large selection of modern jewelry, designer pieces, and sterling silver. Look to us for an outstanding selection of engagement rings, as well as unique pieces you simply won't find elsewhere!

Owners Lee and Donna

Joint Ventures knows a good Clothes Hound when they see one!

We took the liberty of picking out a few of our favorites!

Trust us it wasn't hard!

Be sure to check out their Store in Cary,NC

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