Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Include us in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday plans

I had such a great time last weekend in DC/MD/VA! I did a show at the Connolly School in Potomac MD, a private all girls school. I drove up Friday am, set up and then picked up my BFF Allison at the Train station in DC, she came down from Philly to help me and spend some girl time together. We were able to walk to Tyson's Corner for dinner and even stopped at the Ritz for drinks. Then after the show on Saturday Leslie, my husbands cousin who is in law school at Catholic joined us! After freaking her out with my breast pump (yes I'm still nursing) we headed to the hotel bar for a few drinks and then took the shuttle to Tyson's again for dinner. We managed to drink enough to need a shuttle ride home but our driver abandoned us, after yelling at the manager at our hotel they sent the driver of the neighboring hotel??? Oh well at least we got a ride! The show was Saturday and Sunday and went extremely well...I'll definitely be going to that one again and will hopefully be able to bring the girls back too! I'm enjoying my one week break from shows and looking forward to stuffing my face on Thanksgiving!!!

We are doing a huge sale Black Friday-Cyber Monday, 40% off everything + free shipping with code "blackfriday" Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

V Fish Leggings

I just met with Kendra from V Fish and got some amazing things for this winter and next spring!!! The fall/winter stuff I am having over nighted to my hotel in VA for the Mayfield Market show, I think the girls in Va and Md will love this stuff! I'm most excited about their new line of fleece lined leggings. They'll be up on the site soon but until then here is the description ... they are so soft, warm and only $30, we are getting them in black, brown and charcoal!!!

These fleece-lined leggings provides comfort and style. The fleece keeps your warm without feeling stuffy and the high, wide waist keeps everything in place while strut yourself. Perfect for tunics and dresses, they also work well under pants to keep you toasty on those cold winter days.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fayetteville's Holly Day Fair

I have to be honest I was somewhat dreading going to Holly Day Fair, I mean it does have the word "fair" in the name which normally isn't a good thing when selling cute contemporary clothing. BUT I must say I had such a great time! I had the best "show" neighbors...a mother daughter team form Greenville and my booth was on the front row right by the door where about 20,000 people entered in the 4 day span. This was my second year doing this show and last year as the newbie I was stuck in the back corner but this year, tada, front and center! It made a world of difference too, my sales were higher and I met some great people! Going back to the name... Fair does stand for something...I mean I did see a girl wearing an airbrushed Beiber Fever sweatshirt and a grandma wearing a sweatshirt that read TLG, tender loving grandma. =) I'm not opposed to helping the fashion challenged, just visit the Clothes Hound booth!