Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Local Shout Out

Raleigh Denim is a local company that creates amazing jeans! They are currently be carried at Barney's and a couple of smaller boutique stores. Raleigh Denim was created by a husband and wife team who actually met back in high school. The line was first called Verses and is now Raleigh Denim. North Carolina has a rich textile history and NC State is one of the best textile schools (i started my bachelors there). Everything they use is from North Carolina—the thread, the denim, the zippers, the labels. They do everything in the studio—sewing, washing. They say the most sustainable and enjoyable way to do anything is to do it where you are, around people you like, which is why they have stayed in Raleigh.

They retail for around $250...maybe if they decide to make a less pricey line we'll start carrying it. =) By the way most jeans are made in 12 minutes each pair of jeans they make takes 5 hours b/c they do everything themselves. I guess it's understandable that they cost more.

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