Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Model

I know modeling doesn't look like a hard job and they get paid tons of money. Must be nice to be so beautiful that you get paid for the way you look. Of course I wish my legs were a mile long and that I could lose that last 5 lbs (which will probably be the last 25lbs after this baby arrives). But I am glad I can eat a cheeseburger if I want or a deliciously huge blueberry muffin with one million carbs and fat grams.

Anyway my N&O eblast yesterday included a story on Models and a new website your sure to love. "Everything you've ever wanted to know about models (including when they change their hairstyles!) and modeling are part of this blog, The Web site's all over Fashion Week, of course, and you can even find out what your favorite model (Lily, Chanel, Erin, Coco ...) is wearing after the shows. There's also a video on how to walk in high heels, in case your looking to make a career change, and a slideshow of model runway mishaps."

Let me know what you think....are you auditioning to be ANTM?

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  1. No fair. I'm not even pregnant, and I'm still gaining weight with you :)