Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Charleston Fun

I ran into my two friends Dana and Dana and a group of their friends while in Charleston! Funny we were 4 hours from home but ended up seeing several people we knew. The Dana's were there for a bachelorette party which got me thinking about the ones I've been to. Even been to one in Charleston a few years back. Of course it's fun to get all the girls together, dress up, drink too much and stay out too late but why oh why must we be made to wear hideous outfits and carry around penis paraphernalia? I obviously enjoy dressing up and will think about an outfit for such an occasion months in advance. Unfortunately only weeks in advance you receive an email saying we must all wear black b/c the bachelorette will be in white or some such nonsense. #1 I hate dressing like everyone else, I want to stand out. #2 aren't we too old to all be dressing a like, our group normally gets enough attention without doing that. #3 We don't all have the same taste, you make like airbrushed T-shirts, I do not =) I know it's all in fun and it's not about me that weekend it's about the bride but I swear the torture seems to start earlier and earlier these days. Before all the bridesmaids had to wear a hideous dress and all look the same on the wedding day now it's starts with the bachelorette party. Brides to be I beg you not to make your friends dis their sense of style for your bachelorette party!

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