Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bathing Suits in Vending Machines???

I just read a fascinating story over at Fabsugar.

Quiksilver has teamed up with The Standard hotels to make co-branded men’s and women’s swimsuits to be distributed via vending machines poolside at the hotel's four properties and online at

Joshua Katz, director of marketing and communications at Quiksilver Inc., explains, “This is a 24-hour customer, and a lot of times they might not have a swimsuit but want to take a late-night swim, after the hotel’s boutique is closed.” Ah yes late night, drunk, skinny dipping, we've all done this. Key West, South Beach .... I could go on... but I must say even under the influence I had my bikini in my bag I just decided to go without it. Would you opt for one out of the vending machine?

For added flavor, each design has a "Quik City Guide" on the inside waistband, with addresses of local places of interest. The vending machines will also dispense zines and $10 works of art from local artists. Four men's retro-inspired men's styles will be available as well as a classic black string bikini for the ladies. Step right up.
I checked the website and they do come in various sizes, the board shorts are $75 and the black bikini is $84!!! Wow, I think I'll stick to skinny dipping.

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  1. I concur! $84? Thats a little insane for something that you can't try on and make sure the love handles don't show first.