Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Line up: Fall stripes lead the way!

       Stripes.... have made a HUGE statement in 2011. Transitioning from a strong nautical stripe theme during spring and moving into a myriad of patterns (think Missoni buzz that shut down Targets website!) for fall. 

We refuse to ignore this emerging trend by
 bringing you oodles of choices in flattering stripes for every shape. 

      A common misconception with stripes is that they make you wider and bigger than you really are.  However with the right fabrics and silhouettes stripes can actually help to smooth and slim your shape!

                                                                  Glam Striped Cardigan

                                           So fear not the STRIPE Ladies!
                          Get in line with fashion and sport your stripes proud!
               Mix and match with solids and patterns, but Don't go too far....

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