Monday, September 12, 2011

Featured on Dogeared necklaces!

As usual Clothes Hound keeps an "ear" to the ground for upcoming celebrity trends from icons like Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. Here's the cutest brand of simple dainty necklaces out of California, called dogeared. LC herself recently featured this necklace on her friday favorites blog.

We actually had these in the store before LC, but it's ok if she takes some style cues from Clothes Hound once in awhile ;) Plus we couldn't resist the name!

We currently have the pearl necklaces for purchase online and instore.  We will also be ordering more of these adorable bows AND get this...Sorority charms!  Too fun! What a great idea for your lil or big sis!

So stay tuned for an annoucement of these feminine jewelry statements that are everyday pieces that you don't ever have to take off! 

Let us know if you want us to order more of the bows or specific sorority charms for you!
Call Bryce at the store 919-747-9000
or email:

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