Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun day at Coral Bay

I had a great show at the Coral Bay Club! It was super hot, only 100 degrees so I think most of the sun bathers wanted a nice cool break inside. There were some great young designers there, Southern Frock (who I ran into last week at Charm Night Out) Mary Bee's Jewelry (sweet girl from NC State) and a great bag designer, the bags are made from old sails. These vendors stood out to me b/c they are all college aged girls trying their hand at designing. It's great to see them getting such an early start, I definitely admire them for it! I bought Brooklyn a precarious pet, a super cute pink whale crafted from old quilts a lady in Raleigh hand makes them. All in all a great day at the beach. I definitely look forward to doing it again next year!
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