Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why I added Stella & Dot!

I had no idea what opportunity lied before me when two girls in Richmond VA, shared Stella & Dot with me in December. I own Clothes Hound of course but still wanted to make more money without giving up the flexibility I currently have in my schedule. I'm 7 months pregnant and want to stay at home and am trying to save some money before Baby comes. I fell in love with what these two ladies shared with me. Was this too good to be true? No! It actually works! I can work my own hours, make good money and have a jewelry collection that is to die for! If you know what you want out of it, make it happen! You are in control of your own business and what a great opportunity lies ahead of each and every one of us! It is such an amazing time to be involved with Stella & Dot. The company is so new and growing like crazy. How can anyone resist the beautiful jewelry and incredible business opportunity?! I am so thankful that I heard about Stella & Dot when I did! It's a great addition to my trunk shows and I love sharing it with others! I can't imagine what lies ahead of each of us. It gets better everyday! Great way to start a new year!

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