Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring 2010 Trends

I don't know about you guys but I am ready for spring! Bring on the warm weather and new spring fashions.

From neutrals and feathers to peek-a-boo mesh panels and schoolgirl chic, here's what you'll be wearing this spring:

NEUTRAL TONES: The aesthetic here is simple, clean, and elegant -- dresses, in particular, were the focus of this pared-down look.

PEEK-A-BOO: Exposed flesh was in no short supply on the runways. Designers chose to use cut-outs, slits, mesh, lace, and more to give a sexy little peek at the skin beneath their ornate pieces.

METALLICS: Recession? What recession? It was disco fever across many of the spring runways, with designers banking on glitz, sparkle, and shimmer to distract consumers' attention away from retail's continuing woes.

FEATHERS: Dovetailing with the "who cares about the recession" theme, designers took a renewed interest in feathers for spring -- of all colors and textures. The frothy look added a playful levity to the runways, not unlike taking part in a fantastic carnival.

SCHOOL SPIRIT: Back-to-school season may be September, but the spring collections were packed with knee socks, preppy stripes, gym clothes, and academic blazers.

LEISURE SUITS: Fall 2009 brought the "power suit" back to the foreground of fashion, but Spring 2010 heralds the return of leisure dressing -- attire fit for jet-setters and effortlessly put-together cool kids.

courtesy of "the thread"

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  1. Um, can you start stocking maternity feathers, metallics, and neutral tones?