Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All prices are negotiable in a recession....

As a business owner I'm not sure I should be blogging about this but if you haven't already heard, as I told my girlfriend just days ago, all prices are negotiable in a recession. WWD posted an article about this very thing, From today's WWD: Prices are often open to negotiation. As one Lord & Taylor salesperson said when a shopper inquired about the length of a sale: “There’s always a sale!” I understand feeling uncomfortable about asking for a lesser price than the one posted but as my mom always said, "you don't know unless you ask."

The star also wrote an article on this topic. They said if you are a hesitant haggler:

Simply ask for what you want.
Give a specific number. Don't use a range of numbers.
Once you agree on a price, ask for other concessions
Do research on rival deals and be prepared to walk away.

I'm renting a beach house with friends for memorial day weekend and was able to get an extra night thrown in for free. YAY! So next time your shopping for flights, furniture or fashion ask for a discount, you may not get it but if you do you've saved a few bucks!

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