Friday, December 16, 2011

Clothes Hound: Holiday Gift Guide

    So you've seen a million gift guides
 but ours is of course the best!

Here are our top 10 most giftable items that are perfect for everyone on your list!

Clothes Hound Holiday Gift Guide

                                        3. Hanky Panky Thongs! $18.00


5. Cute flats only $55.00

6. Dogeared Necklaces $33.00-$58.00

7. Polish and Co Nail polish $12.00

8. Tights! including cable knit and leather leggings!! $24-$48

So stuff your stockings with the stuff she wants most,
shop with Clothes Hound and she'll be sure to boast!

 Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

  1. Love all of these! Didn't realize you had leather leggings. I think I might stop by soon for some last minute gifts.