Thursday, November 3, 2011

White out! An unexpected color for fall!

NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!?  really? you coulda fooled us! and the whole rest of the world for that matter.  The old tired rule is dead and gone along with gaucho pants (sorry ladies- no more gauchos unless your preggers) 

White for fall is popping up all over the runways and on celebs.  It's clean, crisp and it goes with just about anything.  You can accessorize your way around a white dress like nobodys business!  Our favorite colors to contrast the white are nude, black and hot pink.

Take a cue from the many celebs getting
 it right with white this season!

Not ready to sport a white gown yet but still want to try it out?

Want to do a more low key white look and not so glam?
Try a subtle look like Kim, Leighton and Kirsten

Get White ruffle femininity with this Down East Basics Tee!

How will you wear your whites for fall?

1 comment:

  1. I have a serious phobia about wearing white, it never goes right for me. It's always the day I happen to have spaghetti for lunch or a slurpy for snack...never stays clean!! I may try it out this winter....maybe!