Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Class Act: What to wear to Class

College campuses can be a plethora of fashion fall outs, faux pas and fabulousness! From your girls who go all out in stilettos to the others who barely brush there teeth in the morning and show up in sweats and a baseball cap.

We recommend something in between; don't look like your getting ready for the Prom but also make sure people know you are in sense with your own personal style (and your personal hygine).

We put together a few cool and casual looks that still maintain a sense of fashion without over doing it.  Top it off with light make up (powder, blush, mascara, lipgloss) and sensible shoes and your knowledge of fashion will take you to the top of the class!
Class act 1

The above outfit features our Laila Jade Striped oversized tee and our Olive belted skirt

class act 2

 The above outfit features our Laila Jade Oversized Stripe Tee and our Blank NYC Slim Boot Cut Jeans!

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