Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Through with Flying Colors!

Loads of inspriation from our blogger lady friends with the

 "Bloggers Do it Better" phenomenon

 In case you are wondering what in tar-nation we're talking about... Check out blogger Pretty Shiny Sparkly's new idea! It's called "Bloggers do it better"! .

Basically this smart lil' lady came up with an innovative idea to assign a sort of fashion assignment and fashion bloggers can respond with their own version of the theme/assignment. 

Bloggers Do It Better

            Here's the first and latest assignment "Color-blocking" 

Gah! there are so many stylish ladies!
 Here is a few of our faves!!

The girl who started it all....

Taste and Style File

Amber's Notebook

Our personal Favorite: Sweet Caroline in the City
And of course WE didn't want to be left out! So here is a few of our color block faves from our shop!

V Fish Labelle Dress

Roberta Oaks Georgie Dress

V Fish Kenda Dress


  1. I live how you featured others. It's amazing how some of your favorites were mine as well! I like the grey dress in your shop!

    Please visit me here and see how a 49 year old does Color Blocking!
    The Chief Blonde!

  2. Chief Blonde! I definitely checked you out already!! I actually need your email bc my neighbor literally could be your doppleganger! I even sent her your site asking her if she was moonlighting as a blonde fashion blogger on the side! We would love to connect with you and possibly collaborate!