Friday, March 11, 2011

Real Girls, Real Fashion....bloggers

Lately in the blogs we've noticed an amazing phenomenon!  Real women bloggers in their everyday outfits, blogging about their sense of style and how exactly they put looks together. What a concept! What women actually wear and what we actually look like on a daily basis!

We love this sense of confidence and empowerment!  We've seen beautiful women of all shapes and sizes (including pregnant women) enthusiastically snapping shots of themselves and loving every second of it!

In a world of magazines with skinny runway models and size 0 women wearing clothes that we are supposed to buy (Sure that size 2 dress may look great on her, but what about a girl thats a size 8-10), its nice to see smiling gorgeous women showing off their sense of fashion and creativity!

So hats off to these marvelous mavens of fashion! Keep doing your thang ladies!

Here are a few snap shots of our favorite real life style bloggers in the fashion trenches!

Erika from
Young, cute and glamourous

Kimberly from
A southern belle who shows that being a mom and dressing cute go hand in hand.

Megan from
This girls defines "Pregnancy chic"

Tori from
How this girl finds these amazing thrift store finds and still manages to look incredible is beyond us!

Carly from
She may claim 30 something but this hot mama could easily pass for her 20's

Hope from
Hope does things with skinny belts and scarves that will blow your mind!
Maria from
Maria has a sense of style that you will want to steal for your very own!
Jacqueline from
Our favorite section of this blog is called "poodles and pigs"! Fantastic HUGE pics and she does videos too!
Erin from
She's proving that motherhood is no excuse to fall into a fashion rut!


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring me! :) I feel so blessed to be among these beautiful, talented, real women!

  2. Woot!!! Go Kimberly!!!! So nice to see you featured Momma!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Chic Metal Earring Giveaway!!♥

  3. Thank You so much!!! I am so excited and honored that you decided to feature us!! Thank you Again!!

  4. I second this! Thanks for the mention! :)

  5. Wow! I am totally excited to be featured among so many awesome fashion bloggers! Thank you!

  6. how am I JUST seeing this now??? Little late to the game but THANK YOU!!! So very sweet.
    Love Clothes Hound and am SO excited for the store to of luck to you always:)

  7. Just seeing this post but I love it, it's great seeing real women and how they dress for their everyday lives in regular cities and towns. Makes me feel more connected than when I read magazines and look at the celebs [not that I am knocking it, because I am an avid magazine reader] :)