Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Richmond to Ohio

Well we left Raleigh around noon on Tuesday, drove to Richmond for Ivy Market and got set up for our 2 day show. Ivy Market was awesome, the ladies night out Tuesday brought out lots of girls who enjoyed getting tipsy....good for us, the more they drink the more we sell! Today we finished up the show at 4pm managing to take a few pictures before hand, see Louise above in the Gentle Fawn plaid tunic. We packed up and started the drive to Ohio, as we set out we thought we could do the full 8 hour drive today but we only made it to Beckley WV before we felt like we would drive off a mountain so here we are less than half way. We'll be arriving in Columbus tomorrow for our 4 day show at the Columbus school for girls. Never been to OH but I'm super excited for this show!

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