Monday, May 17, 2010

Subscribe to our Blog

Subscribe to our Blog!!!

We know we are still new to the blogging world, but we have had our online store for over 2 years and are happy to announce that the economy hasn't sunk us!! (Hey, that gives us some credibility, right)?

We are trying to put the word out there about us and would love your recommendations.

To help us out, there are several ways to participate:

1st - tell friends!! Let them know and provide a link to our website then email us the link so we can verify

2nd - email subscribe by sending an email to with the subject header "Subscribe" or sign up on our website. We promise to not sell your information to any 3rd party or SPAM you. We understand that it is extremely annoying!! (make sure if you were referred by someone that you give us their name and email if available).

3rd - become a follower to our blog

Of course, we will always offer an incentive for doing these things. If you get 5 friends to email or become followers of our blog we will personally email you a promotional code to take $5.00 off your next order! THIS AN ONGOING OFFER!!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!

Just make sure that whoever you refer leaves a comment after any one of our posts upon subscribing/following and lists your email address as a referral so we know who to send the code to.

Lastly: Even if you do follow us and subscribe to our blog, you are still going to want to check our website for further deals and promotions. While we try to always post upcoming sales on the blog, sometimes one may slip past us and we fail to mention the outstanding deal!


  1. Hey! Just had an idea... can you email me your logo again? I can make a button to put on sidebars of mine and other's blogs that will link directly to your website. That might extend your exposure.

  2. I am already subscribed to your blog via Google Reader, but if you're going to be doing unique (ie: not just duplicate) messages to your email list, please add - that's my list email :-)