Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Host a Clothes Hound Shopping Party

You can shop online, at a mall or a big-box store. But in the middle of the crazy holiday shopping seas, beat the crowds by bringing the store to you. All you need is a party plan and some friends!

Shopping can be a relaxing activity when done right. Shopping parties are no longer about tupperware. Fashion can come to you. Why not make some money or earn free goods while you shop? We bring everything you need right to the comfort of your home or spot of your choice.

Here are a few tips to hosting your shopping party:
1. Call or email me to book a date for your shopping party

2. Inquire about hostess incentives. I will give you 10% of net sales; or give you a credit in that amount towards your purchases.

3. Figure out how many guests you need to invite. We like to have about 20 people at each party, however I will do parties with less people if you have friends who LOVE to shop

4. Determine where to host the party. Find out if your local hair salon will host it. Check out the party room in your condo building, or even your own house.
5. Determine whether or not you'll serve food. Most hosts recommend wine and cheese. It involves less hassle. If this does not meet the dietary requirements of the guests, then choose something that works.

The key is a successful shopping party is attendees. A great mix of fabulous shoppers/friends makes for a fun-filled shopping event. Nothing beats personal attention - a whole shopping event that caters to you and your crew.

Another way to increase your incentives - Check to see if your office/church/other entity is interested in hosting a shopping party. The more the merrier. Shopping parties are also a great ideas for bachelorette parties, bridal/wedding showers and other events.
Arrange a time, sit back, relax, and enjoy a cozy, intimate and personalized shopping event.

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