Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time for Shopping Spree

Wow last week was a whirl wind! I was in Baton Rouge all week for Hollydays which went pretty well except for getting a virus and missing one day of the show! It's not fun to be sick away from home! The 13 hour drive wasn't too fun either but I did get to enjoy some authentic Louisiana food before starting my 2 day puke fest. sorry. It's interesting to see the styles of different cities, all I can say is Louisiana is definitely the neighboring state of Texas. I saw so many cowboy boots and rhinestones! The bigger the hair the closer to God. Everyone was super sweet though!

Shopping Spree in Raleigh starts tomorrow which I am definitely looking forward to! Last year's show was a huge success and I'm glad to be sleeping in my own bed! If your in Raleigh or close by you should come to the event which is the 21-25.

I just got in some great Big Buddha Bags, like the Mia bag in the picture above and some fabulous new dresses as well!

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