Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now that Shecky's is over...

Wow what a crazy last few days! I headed up to Philadelphia for a 2 day Shecky's show leaving at 6am on Wednesday. It seems no matter when I go to PA I hit traffic somewhere so the trip took about 7 hours instead of 6. I got there and the show is in Central Philly so I had to unload on the street (no loading dock?). I was there by myself and just so happen to meet a wonderful lady who was also doing the show, she was willing to watch my car as I took all my merch upstairs. Thank goodness for her! I wasn't sure what to expect but the show was fabulous!!! It was Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm-10pm. Tons of women showed up and they were armed with cash and ready to buy, buy, buy! When they arrived the first plan of action was to head to the bar for the free drinks then they began their shopping. This was truly a great event which I will definitely do again. Girls of Philly .... I look forward to seeing you in September/October!!

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